How to Get the Most Out of CBD Powder

Cannabidiol (CBD) powders, like Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends, are quickly joining oils, tinctures, and gummies as one of the most popular CBD products in the industry. Though it may be evident with other common forms of CBD, many may wonder how to use a CBD powder. Not to fret–below, we’ve put together some of the primary benefits, ideas, and uses of blends to ensure that you get the most out of your CBD powder. 

What is CBD Powder?

CBD powder, not be confused with CBD Isolate, is a blend of full-spectrum CBD, simple starches, and natural flavors. Typically, CBD powders or blends are flavorless, but some Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends are available in natural, raspberry, orange, or cherry pomegranate flavors. CBD powders are dissolvable, which works well for a variety of different uses, recipes, and storage.     

Can I Eat CBD Powder?

CBD powder can be added to hundreds of meals and recipes. The blend can be mixed into baking recipes, such as brownies, pancakes, and cookies, or even dissolved into your protein shakes, teas, and coffees. CBD powders can also be stirred into your favorite oils or salad dressings. 

There are endless ways to eat and enjoy your CBD powders, just be sure to stick to the recommended serving size. Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends pair well with a variety of baking and drink recipes to help you live a more vibrant life. 

Can I Make a Topical Cream Using CBD Powder?

CBD powders are great for mixing into homemade topicals, such as creams and lotions, to rub on dry skin or even sore joints and muscles. Making lotion from home is fast and easy, and can be achieved by simply adding in your CBD blend during the heating process.

To make a topical treatment with your CBD powder, heat and stir some oil and beeswax in a double boiler until the beeswax melts. Slowly stir in and incorporate your CBD powder on low heat until fully dissolved. Afterward, allow the mixture to cool a little and add water to reach your desired consistency.

Can I Make My Own Tincture with CBD Powder?

CBD powders can be mixed into essential oils to make homemade CBD tinctures or CBD oil. Because CBD is fat-soluble, it can easily dissolve in fatty oils such as coconut oil or MCT oil. These are effective carrier oils for CBD as they help to increase bioavailability and more efficiently deliver CBD to your bloodstream.

To make your own CBD oil, stir your desired essential oil and CBD blend together in a double boiler over low-to-medium heat. Continue stirring until the powder is completely dissolved. Funnel the final mixture into a dropper bottle and store it in your refrigerator. 

Can I Make a Homemade Bath Bomb with CBD Powder?

CBD powders and blends work wonderfully for bath bombs to enhance your relaxation baths and DIY spa days. Bath bombs already provide several benefits for your skin, and combining them with the benefits of CBD makes for an extremely soothing experience. 

To make your own CBD bath bomb, combine 4 ounces of baking soda, 2 ounces of corn starch, 2 ounces of Epsom salt, and your desired amount of CBD powder into a small bowl. In another small bowl, combine 2 ounces of citric acid, 1 ½ teaspoons of water, and 1 teaspoon of essential oil. Slowly whisk these two mixtures together. As the mixtures become entirely blended, the consistency should resemble damp sand. At this point, add food coloring or color powder if desired. Fill the mold, but not too densely, and press the halves together firmly. Remove one half and let the bath bomb dry for 30 minutes, mold-side down. Carefully remove the other half of the mold, and let the bath bomb sit overnight, or until it is totally firm. 

Looking for high-quality, full-spectrum CBD powders? Check out our line of
Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends and become a part of the Hemp Lyfe tribe! 

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.

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The Benefits of the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe Affiliate Program

What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a structured arrangement between a business and associated or “affiliated” online websites or members. Typically, affiliate programs give rewards, benefits, and payouts based on metrics such as the number of referred customers, sales from referred customers, or other measurable actions. Additionally, individuals can benefit from affiliate programs and function as a partner or referrer for the brand to receive incentivized rewards. 

What is the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe?

The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe is an exclusive affiliate program designed to enhance the life of its members and those associated with the tribe. This group of empowered individuals is unified by a passion for a vibrant lifestyle, a desire to influence those around them, and an appreciation for high-quality, premium CBD products. The free-to-join Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe is made up of friends, families, businesses, marketers, and trendsetters who share similar ambitions, aspirations, and energy. 

How does the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe work?

By joining the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe, members become integral components of a social, economic, and lifestyle movement, and unlock an array of benefits and exclusive offers along the way. Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe members receive a personalized URL, which is a link specifically coded for each individual. Through active distribution and marketing of this customized Hemp Lyfe URL, members can expand their tribe, increase the number of referred clients and sales, and be rewarded for performance. These rewards compound, as Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe members are paid based on product and apparel sales through their personal URL, referred VIP members, and product and apparel sales from their referred members’ URLs.  

What are the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe benefits like?

The Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe benefits are among the top tier in affiliate programs worldwide. Tribe members can choose the type of rewards they prefer, whether in commissionable sale, Hemp Lyfe store credit, or other forms of payouts yet to come. The commissionable sale rewards provide the affiliate program members with a 15% payout for each sale they deliver and a 10% payout for second-tier commissions, which include any sale from tribe members they’ve referred. Payouts are made once per month, for the previous month, and must exceed a minimum of $100 balance. As the tribe grows, the commission will follow.  

What are you waiting on? Join the Hemp Lyfe VIP Tribe today!

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.

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How Richie Jaynes Burst Onto the CBD Scene with Hemp Lyfe: The Nike of CBD

Richie Jaynes is making a name for himself and his company, Hemp Lyfe, through innovation, hard work, and helping people live a vibrant lyfe. 

Richie Jaynes: Life Before Hemp

Richie Jaynes is no stranger to the business world. From experience in the wellness industry to real estate and athletic training facilities, Jaynes has made businesses work no matter the circumstances. At 23, Jaynes acquired one of Dallas’ top fitness centers and transformed it into a 12,000 square foot facility with over 3,000 members. In doing so, he discovered his love for helping people transform their lives for the better. At the age of 27, Jaynes became one of the top producers at a national athletic nutrition and supplement company while helping driving sales to just shy of a billion dollars.

After years of developing successful business ventures in real estate, oil and gas wells, and other investment projects, Jaynes is now returning to his entrepreneurial roots with his newest company, Hemp Lyfe. Taking advantage of the booming popularity and legality of CBD, Jaynes is creating innovative CBD-infused products to help transform the lives of his customers once again. By utilizing the highest quality ingredients and developing groundbreaking CBD products, Richie Jaynes has staked his claim at the forefront of the CBD industry.

Hemp Lyfe Goes Beyond Ordinary CBD

Hemp Lyfe is dedicated to creating high-quality products that help their consumers live a healthier, more vibrant life with CBD. Jaynes’ newest venture uses the purest ingredients and advanced technology for high potency, high bioavailability CBD products that are designed to help consumers feel good and live better. With the most innovative production systems, Hemp Lyfe offers consumers CBD in various forms including inhalers, oils, powders, edibles, and capsules. Hemp Lyfe is not just products–it is a lifestyle. 

Hemp Lyfe’s premier product, the Hemp Lyfe CBD inhaler, is a superior and discreet and much safer alternative to vapes containing full-spectrum CBD oil. Hemp Lyfe has this proprietary delivery system for three of their unique CBD lines, including Bliss, Restore, and Dream. This exclusive product offers the highest bioavailability on the market at 94%, to guarantee consumers get more bang for their buck when using Hemp Lyfe’s highly effective CBD products. At Hemp Lyfe, they truly believe in helping you live a vibrant lyfe. So what are you waiting for? Join the tribe.

The CBD Market is Booming

With the CBD market projected to rake in billions of dollars in the next few years, more and more companies are taking advantage of this widespread trend and developing their own products with CBD. After the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which confirmed the legality of hemp and cannabidiol (CBD), companies have been continually rolling out a stream of original products infused with CBD and shipping to consumers across the country. 

According to the FDA, legal CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC, which is the element of the cannabis plant that produces the “head high” associated with marijuana. It’s unclear what the exact benefits of CBD are, though many consumers of the product claim to experience relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and more. The wide range of products allows customers of all ages to flock to reputable CBD companies to enjoy their favorite CBD-infused products. With Hemp Lyfe’s extensive selection of high-quality and extremely effective products, the hemp industry will need to keep its eyes on this up-and-coming CBD giant.

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Listen to Hemp Lyfe CEO on Here’s To Your Health Podcast

Hemp Lyfe CEO and Co-Founder Richie Jaynes got to opportunity to speak on the ‘Here’s To Your Health Podcast with Joshua Lane’ on KCAA. On this podcast, Richie chats with Joshua about his background and how CBD is making a difference in so many lives. Richie harps on the Hemp Lyfe motto – if you feel better, you will perform better! Live a vibrant life!


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Everything You Need to Know About the Bioavailability of CBD Products

When it comes to the world of CBD, there are all sorts of terms and jargon used to help identify and navigate the ins-and-outs of the industry. We know it can be confusing to keep it all straight, and we’re here to help! Read below to learn more about bioavailability, which is one of the most important qualities to look for in CBD products, and how you can make the most of your CBD purchases.

What Does Bioavailability Mean?

Bioavailability is the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream and made available for use in bodily systems. Essentially, bioavailability determines how effectively you feel the benefits of a product when you use it. Each substance will have a different bioavailability depending on the concentration of the product and how it is consumed. Bioavailability is used to describe the efficacy of a number of consumer goods including medicines, natural supplements, and more recently, popular products containing CBD.

How Does It Make a Difference in CBD Products?

The bioavailability of CBD products is one of the most influential factors that impacts the extent of your CBD benefits. The method of consumption and the concentration of CBD in a product determine the bioavailability and alters how your body absorbs it. When choosing the right CBD product for you, consider the strength and the rate of effectiveness you are looking for to make sure your purchase suits your lifestyle.

Which CBD Products Offer the Best Bioavailability?

Though each person consumes and absorbs substances in different ways, studies indicate that one of the most effective ways to consume CBD is through inhalation. CBD vapes are increasingly common, but CBD inhalers offer greater bioavailability without the unpleasant side effects of vaping. Though slightly less effective than inhalation, CBD oil or tinctures also offer impressive bioavailability due to the efficiency of the sublingual gland. When CBD oil is placed under the tongue, the sublingual gland is able to distribute the oil into the bloodstream directly so you notice CBD’s effects faster.

Ingestible products, including CBD gummies, blends, and capsules, have lower levels of bioavailability because they must pass through the digestive system to be absorbed. This process of CBD absorption takes longer for edibles than for inhalers or oils, but CBD capsules and gummies are more subtle and the effects may last longer than other products.

Due to the expansive variety of CBD products, you have the freedom to select the CBD product that best fits your lifestyle and your desired bioavailability. It is essential to know the bioavailability of any CBD product you are considering so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

Hemp Lyfe wants to help you live a more purposeful life with our premium CBD products. We offer the highest bioavailability on the market for all of our CBD products, which means you are guaranteed optimal benefits from Hemp Lyfe CBD oils, inhalers, edibles, blends, and capsules. Check out our wide range of products and start living a more vibrant life today!

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Full-Spectrum CBD vs. CBD Isolate: What’s the Difference?

Though there are over one hundred cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of the two main active compounds. Unlike its psychoactive counterpart, THC, CBD produces no mind-altering effects and is heavily desired for its natural benefits. Its rise in popularity has sparked an abundance of production methods and left the market with multiple completely legal forms of CBD to choose from.

This explosion of options can typically be broken down into two separate categories: full-spectrum CBD and CBD isolate. So what’s the difference? Find out below, as we dive a little deeper into the “what’s what” of CBD.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is pure CBD which means it’s removed of all other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. To completely isolate raw CBD, a secondary extraction must follow the original hemp extraction process, which involves manufacturers filtering out these beneficial compounds. The product is then chilled to remove any remaining components to deliver 99% CBD. The most common forms of CBD isolate include pure powder or crystal isolate.

What is Full-Spectrum CBD?

In contrast to the manual extraction of compounds in the production of CBD isolate, full-spectrum CBD refers to the natural extraction of all cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the cannabis (specifically, hemp) plant. The final product can be infused into powders, edibles, oil, and more. To produce full-spectrum CBD, the vibrant, full range of extracts is formulated into a consumable format. These organic substances occur naturally in hemp, which means you’re consuming a preserved, healthy portion of pure plant products. Studies show a heightened effect from full-spectrum CBD in comparison to more processed and isolated forms. Additionally, the combination of full-spectrum CBD’s diverse profile of compounds produces what’s known as the “entourage effect.”

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect describes the different cannabis compounds working in unison with one another to produce maximum therapeutic benefits of full-spectrum CBD. The primary compounds understood to be involved in the entourage effect are cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. 

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in cannabis that interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate the body’s homeostasis. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found in plants, which produce a therapeutic effect on humans, similar to aromatherapy. Lastly, flavonoids are phytonutrients that are responsible for the vivid pigmentation we see in plants. Flavonoids are known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral effects on the body. These compounds work together to produce the entourage effect and make full-spectrum CBD more desirable and beneficial to a majority of people in comparison to CBD isolate. 

Why Hemp Lyfe uses Full-Spectrum CBD

At Hemp Lyfe, we believe in living a vibrant lifestyle. We deliberately choose to use full-spectrum CBD for all of our products. With premium, full-spectrum CBD, we are able to provide the highest bioavailability, authenticity, and potency on the market and deliver a more natural experience without any intricate or invasive manufacturing processes.  

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior full-spectrum CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.

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5 Ways to Use Hemp Lyfe CBD Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, but CBD oils are one of the most popular methods of consumption. Specifically, because of their natural makeup, CBD oils can be used in just about, well, everything. We know it can be tough to come up with delicious recipes on the fly, so we are sharing five of the best uses for your Hemp Lyfe CBD Oil to get you started and ensure the highest satisfaction from your purchase. 

CBD Under the Tongue

Hemp Lyfe CBD oils and tinctures are designed with a dropper for dispensing the substance directly under the tongue. With this method, the CBD enters the bloodstream almost immediately through blood vessels located beneath your tongue to speed up the absorption and effects, which is referred to as a product’s bioavailability. Find the right amount for you and hold it in your mouth for one or two minutes before swallowing. 

CBD Drinks 

CBD oil works great in your favorite beverages, such as coffees, teas, juices, or smoothies. Simply add it to existing recipes or craft new ones around the flavor of your CBD oil. With a minty, earthy flavor, Hemp Lyfe Bliss CBD Oil infuses nicely into most lattes and teas. Or, combine warmed plant-based milk, vanilla extract, sweetener of your choice, and Hemp Lyfe Bliss CBD oil for a delightful evening remedy.  

CBD Infused Butter

As CBD mixes very well with fats and oils, homemade CBD butter is one of the best and most versatile uses for enjoyment. It’s important to note that CBD reaches its boiling point after 350℉, so be sure to keep that in mind for any baking recipes–cooking at higher temperatures could spoil the effects of the CBD oil. For the best CBD infused butter, combine a two-to-one ratio of butter to water and an appropriate amount of CBD oil into a large saucepan. Heat on low for two hours and stir for consistency. After letting the mixture cool, store it in an airtight container, refrigerate, and use like regular butter!   

CBD Infused Pesto

One of the most creative CBD oil uses is in fresh basil pesto. Try replacing olive oil in any traditional pesto recipe with Hemp Lyfe Bliss CBD Oil for a delicious twist on a kitchen classic. For a more conservative approach, use half CBD oil and half olive oil. The rich earthy flavors of pure CBD products add a crispness to this summer sauce and make for scrumptious pasta or pizza. 

CBD as an Oil Substitute

Similar to the idea of pesto, CBD works wonderfully as a replacement of almost any oil in all sorts of recipes. A popular example is to substitute oils in salad dressings with Hemp Lyfe Bliss CBD Oil. The earthy, herb-forward flavors work well with any salad, and the acidic components to fruity dressings cut and compound the richness of the CBD oil. Store like any normal salad dressing and use whenever the opportunity arises!

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.

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How to Know You’re Getting Quality CBD

In such a vast CBD market, it can feel daunting to find a company or product that you can trust. Like many other supplements, CBD products are not regulated by the FDA, meaning it is up to the consumer to verify the quality of the products they are purchasing. Finding a company that is completely transparent about their products and their processes is the key to getting the highest quality CBD on the market. Below are a few questions to keep in mind as you shop to ensure the CBD products you’re purchasing are worth it.

What Are These Products are Made Of?

As with any food or dietary supplement, it is essential to check the ingredient list and nutrition facts so you can be confident about the substances you are putting in your body. CBD companies that do not disclose all ingredients used in their products should not be trusted. As no clear guidance from the FDA exists on how to label CBD products, companies who are completely open about the ingredients and processing of their products are more credible than those who aren’t. Every Hemp Lyfe product includes a list of facts with supplement, ingredient, and allergen information so you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase from us.

How Much CBD is in This Product?

Before investing in any product, you should know exactly how much CBD is in it, as well as the amount of CBD per serving. For example, a pack of CBD gummies should have the total amount of CBD displayed on the package, the recommended serving size, and the amount of CBD in each serving. Hemp Lyfe includes serving size information so you know exactly how much CBD is going into your body every time you consume one of our high-quality products. 

Does the Company Test its CBD Products?

The most credible CBD brands receive certification that the company tests their products for a variety of factors including the amount of THC, the possible presence of contaminants, and authenticity of ingredients. Purity and authenticity tests protect consumers from potentially harmful products and promote desired CBD benefits. These tests should be conducted by a third party testing lab to ensure the validity of the results. Hemp Lyfe products are proudly tested and verified to ensure you get the highest authenticity and purity with each order. 

As you’re shopping for CBD products, take note of companies that are more transparent than others. If your instincts are telling you that you don’t have enough information to feel comfortable purchasing a product, you need to keep looking.

At Hemp Lyfe, we create products for people who want to live a purposeful, vibrant life. Our CBD products use the purest ingredients and are tested for authenticity and purity by third-party labs. We present accurate supplement facts for each product, so you know exactly what is in the CBD products you are purchasing and enjoying. If you want to feel good and live better, check out our unique CBD products and join the movement today.

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5 Hemp Lyfe CBD Blend Recipes

Cannabidiol (CBD) blends are an all-natural, full-spectrum, CBD-infused powder that can be combined with other ingredients to deliver a range of beneficial effects. Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends are available in Bliss, Power, and Dream lines to promote calming, boosting, and relaxing energies, respectively. Check out five of our favorite ways to use Hemp Lyfe CBD Blends to enhance the experience and live the vibrant life you deserve.


Cherry-Pomegranate Power Smoothie

Total time: three minutes
What you’ll need: 

In a small bowl, whisk together five ounces of pomegranate greek yogurt with your desired amount of Hemp Lyfe Power Blend. Pour ½ cup of frozen whole cherries, ½ cup of vanilla almond milk, ¼ ounce of honey, and the yogurt-Power Blend mix into a blender. Blend on high for two minutes. Add the remaining honey and two cups of ice and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into glasses, garnish with a whole cherry, and enjoy your energy-enhancing Cherry Pomegranate Power Smoothie!


Dreamy Mint Iced Tea

Total time: one hour
What you’ll need: 

  • A handful of fresh mint leaves
  • Two cups of filtered water
  • Two teaspoons of honey
  • A lemon (for squeezing)
  • Your Hemp Lyfe Dream Blend

Place the fresh mint leaves in the bottom of a glass container, but save a few for garnishing! Bring at least two cups of filtered water to near boiling and pour into the glass container when done. Steep the leaves for around 10 minutes and then discard the leaves. Let the water cool for 30 minutes to an hour. Once cooled, stir in your desired amount of Hemp Lyfe Dream Blend with two teaspoons of honey and a fresh squeeze of lemon juice. Pour over ice, stir well again, and voila–Dreamy Mint Iced Tea! Cheers!


Coconut Bliss Bites

Total time: 20 minutes
What you’ll need: 

  • ½ cup of salted macadamia nuts
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil (melted)
  • ⅓ cup of almond flour
  • ⅓ cup of unsweetened shredded coconut
  • ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • Two tablespoons of cacao nibs
  • Your Hemp Lyfe Bliss Blend

Blend ½ cup of salted macadamia nuts on high until they turn into a smooth paste. Add a tablespoon of melted coconut oil and blend again until it reaches a buttery texture. In a separate bowl, combine and whisk ⅓ cup of almond flour, ⅓ cup of unsweetened shredded coconut, ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon, and your desired amount of Hemp Lyfe Bliss Blend. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract and combine the blended nut butter into the bowl. Mix until it becomes a cookie dough texture. Fold in the cacao nibs until they are evenly dispersed. Roll the dough between your palms to create a bite-sized ball of dough and repeat until the mixture is used up. Go ahead and snack on your Coconut Bliss Bites immediately or store in a container for a pick-me-up later on!


Raspberry Power Matcha Latte

Total time: two minutes
What you’ll need: 

In a small bowl, whisk together two teaspoons of raspberry matcha powder with your desired amount of Hemp Lyfe Power Blend. Then combine one cup of milk, one teaspoon of sugar, and the matcha-Power Blend mix into a blender glass. Blend on high for 30 seconds to a minute or until smooth and lump-free. Pour into an ice-filled glass and savor the energy boost of your Raspberry Power Matcha Latte!


Good Old Fashioned Bliss (21 and over, only)

Total time: four minutes
What you’ll need: 

  • Two ounces of bourbon or rye whiskey
  • Angostura bitters
  • An orange (peeled strip)
  • One sugar cube
  • Ice for stirring
  • One ice block
  • Your Hemp Lyfe Bliss Blend

Place the ice block in a rocks glass to chill it while you play bartender. In the bottom of a mixing glass, muddle the sugar cube, two dashes of Angostura bitters, and a splash of room-temperature water together until smooth. Pour in two ounces of your preferred whiskey and your desired amount of Hemp Lyfe Bliss Blend. Toss in the ice and stir for one to two minutes until it’s chilled and the CBD blend is thoroughly dissolved. Strain the mixture over the ice block and into the rocks glass. Express the orange peel around the rim of the glass, place it inside as a garnish, and sip your Good Old Fashioned Bliss cocktail!

Hemp Lyfe is a brand for those who want to enhance their life with premium products that make you feel good and live better. We are a community of doers determined to breathe new life into the CBD market with a passion for vibrant living. Our complete portfolio of the most superior CBD products commercially available makes it easy and convenient to be your best self. Want to enrich your life? Join the movement today.

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Hemp Lyfe Featured in Remedy Review

Recently, Remedy Review covered the growing popularity of CBD and how Hemp Lyfe is “one clear winner” in the industry. Remedy Review talked about the high quality CBD products you can expect from Hemp Lyfe, as well as, how Founder Richie Jaynes is no newcomer to the health and wellness business world.

Check out the full article here!

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