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Our values reflect those of a family that became a business. The approach we take towards designing our products demonstrates a passion for quality and care. Staying true to our core values has helped us create a company we’re proud of.  Welcome to the Hemp Lyfe tribe, we’re honored to join you on this journey.

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Exclusive CBD products to encourage restorative, restful and peaceful nights so that you can have powerful and productive days.

  • Dream CBD Softgels (750mg CBD)

  • Dream Blend CBD Powder Packs 10ct

  • Dream CBD Inhaler (1G CBD)


Take back the night.

Lack of sleep can affect everything from mood and energy levels to inflammation and stress.  Getting a good night sleep can improve quality of life.  Our line of hemp CBD products for sleep come in three unique delivery systems: inhaler, softgels and our exclusive Dream powder blends.

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Live a rested lyfe with our Dream CBD Softgels.

Do you suffer from a lack of sleep? Our minds are constantly racing, our bodies are constantly moving, slow down and turn off with our Dream line of CBD products.

Our Dream CBD products are designed to help you have a peaceful, dreamy night.* Hemp Lyfe has searched the market for the purest CBD available and just the right amount of Melatonin to give your body the rest it needs. With every Dream product, from our Dream Blend to Dream Softgels, you can expect the same dreamy feeling.

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  • Bliss CBD Inhaler (1G CBD)

  • Dream CBD Softgels (750mg CBD)

  • Bliss CBD Softgels (300mg CBD)

  • Bliss CBD Oil (500mg CBD)


What our customers say

Hemp Lyfe CBD

The Bliss CBD softgels are incredible. I refuse to leave the house without them in my purse. They’re perfect for anyone who could use an extra mood boost throughout their day! 100% recommend.


Hemp Lyfe CBD

Can’t say enough about the instant relief and relaxation I feel when I use Restore after a workout. And the more consistent I am with taking it, the better my joints and muscles feel the next time I workout! Really great product with a great delivery system!


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