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Hemp Lyfe Thrill CBD for erectile dysfunction. 

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Live a Thrilling Lyfe

Our Thrill CBD erectile dysfunction capsules are designed to help bring some vibrancy back to the bedroom.* Hemp Lyfe has searched the market for the purest CBD available to elevate your sex drive. With every Thrill product, you can expect the same thrilling feeling.


The highest bioavailability on the market to give you maximum results

An elevated lifestyle starts with a refreshed, healthy mindset, so we searched the market for the highest quality ingredients to manufacture a superior product that takes your sex life to the next level. These natural capsules are easily transported and convenient for use at home or away. Take the Hemp Lyfe Thrill ED Capsules to experience a thrilling adventure and live a vibrant life.*

Thrill is Our Exclusive Formulation


A proprietary blend of nature’s best supplements perfectly balanced to promote mental clarity, calm and balanced mood.


The benefits of Thrill Capsule’s extend beyond the bedroom to every day life and any situation that will benefit from increased energy and endurance.


Thrill Capsules are formulated to deliver measured and consistent delivery of cannabinoids and supplemental herbs with superior absorption.

Modern Formulation from Time Tested Ingredients

Our Thrill Capsules feature a specially balance formulation of some of nature’s most tested supplements for everything from cardiovascular support to mental clarity.

Cannabis sativa

Overall Health



Flos Caryophyll


goji berry

Fructus Lycii

Promotes Wellness 

50 mg
Semen ziziphi spinosae

Promotes Calm


Chinese cinnamon

Cortex Cinnamomi

Semen Sessami Nagrum

Promotes Wellness 

Tuber Onion Seed

Semen Allii tuberssi

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The Hemp Lyfe purpose is to create premium CBD products for those who want to enhance their lifestyle with premium products that make you feel good and live better.‚Äč
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Connecting with like-minded people makes it easier to live a more purposeful life. We are an energized community that values spreading our passion for an active, vibrant lifestyle. Our products are manufactured with the purest full-spectrum cannabis extracts to remedy all discomforts, so you can live a life with vigor. Join the Hemp Lyfe tribe to take your quality of living to the next level.

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Hemp Lyfe CBD

The Bliss CBD softgels are incredible. I refuse to leave the house without them in my purse. They’re perfect for anyone who could use an extra mood boost throughout their day! 100% recommend.


Hemp Lyfe CBD

Love my bliss oil. I take it with me EVERYWHERE. I work in a high speed manufacturing environment that can bring on a ton of unnecessary stressors. The last thing I want to do is carry that into my personal life. I start my day with some oil in my coffee. This keeps me relaxed and focused for the start of my day. I always feel ready to take on whatever is thrown at me. Before I would get frazzled and on edge with having to make quick important decisions. I then have another dropper of oil on my way home from work. This relaxes me and puts me back in Mom mode. I want to run my family with care and love not like a manufacturing facility. This Oil truly is the bliss to my day.


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